Professional Conduct Committee

Marina Vannucci (Past President, 2019-2019)
Raquel Prado (President, 2019-2019)
Amy Herring (2019-2019)
Clara Grazian (2019-2020)
Pierre Jacob (2019-2021)
Trevor Campbell (2019-2022)
Herbie Lee (2019-2023)


SafeISBA Task Team Retires

The SafeISBA Task Team has completed its task and will transition to become the Professional Conduct Committee. As per our Bylaws, a standing Professional Conduct Committee will be responsible for updating and administering the Code of Conduct. Members of the...

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CoC and Procedures Updated

In March 2019 the ISBA Board approved a major update to the CoC and Procedures. The Code of Conduct has been substantially rewritten to make the list of expectations shorter, the language more friendly and the range of influence more focused on what ISBA can...

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Update on the Response to Misconduct Allegations

ISBA takes very seriously the fairness of its processes, including the application of its Code of Conduct Procedures. Upon receipt of additional evidence, the finding that resulted in a letter of censure to a member was reversed and the letter of censure has been...

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Task Team Conflict of Interest Protocol

The Task Team for a Safe ISBA will regularly identify conflicts of interest and evaluate them to make all team members aware of any potential biases that may affect the Task Team, in order to manage them openly within the team. The Task Team recognizes that given the...

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