Section on Bayesian Education Research and Practice (BERaP)

The aims of the section are:

  1. Promote Bayes’ education and research on teaching and learning of Bayesian statistics and statistical literacy at all levels and for any audience. This includes:

    i) Advising ISBA on the educational elements (philosophical, methodological and practical/applied) of the ISBA strategic plan, including the need for education on the role and value of Bayesian statistics to the following audiences:

    (1)   Management in business and government

    (2)   Professionals such as journalists, lawyers and medical personnel

    (3)   Public policy makers at state, national and international levels

    (4)   K-12 policy makers, administrators and teachers

    (5)   Academic non-statisticians

  2. Support the dissemination of professional development and funding opportunities, teaching resources and research findings in Bayesian statistical education.
  3. Improve the pipeline of Bayesian statistics professionals from K-12 through college.
  4. Promote research in Bayesian education, by organizing conferences, workshops, and sessions in other meetings;
  5. Promote education in Bayesian methods at all levels by developing short-courses for students and practitioners; and
  6. Promote academic-industry interactions and outreach on Bayesian education


Section Chair: Jingchen (Monika) Hu (2023-2025)
Program Chair: Mine Dogucu (2023-2025)
Secretary: Becky Tang (2023-2025)
Treasurer: Bertil Wegmann (2023-2025)

Past Officers

Annual:  5 USD
Lifetime:  75 USD




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