Requesting (Co-)Sponsorship/Endorsement

ISBA sponsors, co-sponsors, and endorses an array of meetings and events around the world.

ISBA sponsors the biennial ISBA World Meetings, ISBA section meetings, and smaller research meetings on current topics. ISBA co-sponsors regional meetings with ISBA chapters or at the special request other meetings co-organized with other societies and organizations. ISBA will endorse meetings sponsored by other groups, individuals, or societies who request ISBA endorsement.

Please see the sections below for more details and links for meeting sponsorship or endorsement. Any questions should be addressed to the chair of the Program Council.

World Meetings:  the premier meeting of the society! The biennial ISBA World Meetings occur in even-numbered years. World Meetings are typically run during June or July, although timing may vary depending on the local circumstances of the chosen venue. Planning a World Meeting may start 4.5 years in advance. Please see the Planning a World Meeting page for more details if you are interested in proposing/planning a World Meeting.

ISBA Section Meetings:  provide focused meetings organized by ISBA sections around research themes and typically occur during alternate years from World Meetings. Please see the information below about the Application Guidelines for Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Events.

Other Sponsored Meetings:  ISBA will organize meetings, workshops or other events around current research topics. If you are interested in proposing such an event, please review the information below about Application Guidelines.

Regional meetings of ISBA Chapters: Regional meetings of ISBA Chapters around the world serve important functions for ISBA. The ISBA Program Council has no responsibility for organizing such meetings, but coordinates discussion about such meetings between Chapters and the Board. ISBA assists organizing committees by officially endorsing proposals for funds where necessary, and providing publicity to the broader membership and Bayesian community. ISBA Chapters may receive modest funding from ISBA for regional meetings. Any such support will be predominantly or wholly committed to support student and junior researcher participants, according to the travel support and award guidelines below.

Co-sponsored Meetings: ISBA co-sponsors and will consider contributing modest financial support to other meetings, typically smaller research workshops strongly related to ISBA’s mission or explicitly co-organized by ISBA, and meetings related to ISBA scientific and international outreach. Any financial support for such meetings will be predominantly or wholly committed to support student and junior researcher participants. ISBA will not provide financial contributions in support of “general” statistical meetings, memorial/festschrift events, or ongoing series of meetings with strong business/professional support in place. Financial support from ISBA will be considered when the meeting is judged by the Program Council and Board to be strongly consistent with ISBA’s mission, and emerges with strong involvement of ISBA in initiation and organization. In the case of co-sponsorship ISBA cannot be exposed to any losses nor expects to receive any profits, unless explicit agreements have been made in advance. If you are interested in proposing such an event, please review the information below about Application Guidelines.

Endorsed Meetings: ISBA supports and endorses other meetings to encourage Bayesian activity at workshops of other groups and societies, and to aid in developing relationships with other societies and professional communities. Support of these meetings will not involve a financial contribution from ISBA and ISBA cannot be exposed to any loss or expects to receive any profits. See the Event Request page for more details and instructions for submitting an application. 

Application Guidelines for Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Events

The following deadlines are set for handling the application process for events requesting ISBA sponsorships and co-sponsorships:

By May 30th of each year, the Program Council of ISBA will receive requests for sponsorships and co-sponsorships for the events and workshops scheduled the following year.  For example, organizers of a meeting scheduled at any date between January 1st and December 31st of 2017 will have to request co-sponsorhip to ISBA by the deadline of May 30th, 2016.

If you are interested in applying for a sponsorship/co-sponsorship, please see the Event Request page for more details and instructions for submitting an application. 

By the following June 30th, the Program Council of ISBA will communicate decisions on the co-sponsorhip requests to the event organizers.

General Criteria for Sponsorship and Co-Sponsorship

The decision to lend ISBA’s name to meetings is made with careful consideration of the nature of each meeting, depending on criteria including: (1) quality and appropriateness; (2) whether the conference theme is of potential interest to ISBA membership; (3) timing; (4) who the other co-sponsoring organizations are. The terms and conditions associated with ISBA co-sponsorship of meetings include the following:

In accordance with ISBA’s bylaws, if financial contribution is provided by ISBA, the funds should be used for junior travel support. Preference should be given to senior/advanced students active in research over young researchers post-PhD, and to students from economically disadvantaged countries. ISBA expects that the awards are spread to ensure the maximum participation. When awards are made, they should carry a note mentioning partial support from ISBA.


  • A short CV of all awardees should be provided to the ISBA Program Council so a proper dissemination is done through the ISBA channels.
  • In all their public communications, the organizers will refer to the funds provided by ISBA as “junior travel support,” unless the funds are explicitly used to establish the ISBA New Researcher Travel Award.  Please, note that the junior travel support contributions shall never be referred to as “Travel Awards” in the communications.
  • In order to provide an efficient management of ISBA’s resources and avoid funds to concentrate to a particular group or person, we ask the organizers to communicate the names of the awardees to the ISBA Program Council and wait for confirmation before informing the award recipients.
  • Current ISBA members attending the event will receive discounted registration fees. The organizers should consider having a non-member rate that is at least the amount of ISBA membership higher than the regular meeting rate as part of the member benefits. In addition, the organizers are also welcome to have a section member discount. That way the event can help recruit new membership to ISBA and the section. ISBA membership can be verified by having one of the ISBA members on the organizing committee contact the ISBA Program Council for instructions on how to access the membership list.
  • In some cases, ISBA will be invited to organize a session or sessions at the meeting, and participate in other aspects of programming.
  • Organizers will include the ISBA logo in meeting materials.
  • ISBA will be under no financial obligation for the co-sponsored events. Any financial loss associated with the meeting is solely the responsibility of the primary event sponsor or the event organizers. Nevertheless, we encourage donations to ISBA, so that future events can also be supported by our society.

As part of ISBA support for meetings not organized by ISBA, the Society may agree to provide registration services using the ISBA membership and event management data base system and personnel support. This support will be provided based on negotiations between ISBA and the group organizing the meeting, and typically involve ISBA costs being covered by an agreed fee charged to the registrations.


Additional funds can be exceptionally be granted for applications not received by the requested deadline and/or for amounts in addition of those established by the provisionary budget. Those decisions will need to be properly motivated on a case-by-case basis. Those funds will generally be used for junior travel support and not for establishing the New Researcher Travel Award.