The letter below was sent to the ISBA membership today.


June 29, 2018

Dear ISBA Members:

As you may know, ISBA has received multiple reports of misconduct by members and commissioned three external investigations. Recently, the safeISBA Task Team received the reports on the investigations. The Task Team provided a summary to the Board of Directors, protecting the identities of the reporters and witnesses, along with recommendations for action.

The ISBA Board has reviewed the cases and voted to expel Drs. José-Miguel Bernardo, Brad Carlin, and Steve Scott from ISBA, effective immediately. These individuals will not be allowed to participate in any ISBA activities. Furthermore, Dr. Bernardo’s and Dr. Carlin’s ISBA Fellow status has been permanently revoked. ISBA will not entertain petitions for reinstatement of membership for a period of time specified by the Board, taking into account the severity of the charges. The Board determined that this period of time is at least five years for Dr. Carlin and at least 10 years for Drs. Bernardo and Scott.  A letter of censure about inappropriate professional conduct has been sent to another member named in one of the reports.

ISBA recognizes the contributions of Drs. Bernardo, Carlin, and Scott to our Society and regrets that the actions of these individuals are in conflict with the values of ISBA.  However, we are committed to providing a culture and environment that supports the careers and academic development of all our members. We realize this will be a long process that will involve support and commitment from all our members.

ISBA would also like to thank the courageous individuals who participated in the external investigations. We recognize that the decision to come forward and recount events is not easy, and we applaud these individuals for their efforts to make ISBA a better society.


Marina Vannucci

Marina Vannucci
ISBA President