ISBA Committees 

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
The Constitution and Bylaws Committee drafts and reviews proposed Bylaws for ISBA and its Sections, or may advise on interpretation of bylaws where needed. Committee Members are appointed by the President with board approval for 5 year terms with terms running through June 30th of the given year.


Member Term Ends
Scott Sisson (Chair) 2021
Herbie Lee 2022
Abel Rodriguez 2023
Katja Ickstadt 2024
Rosangela Loschi 2025
Finance Committee
The ISBA Finance Committee is chaired by the ISBA past-President and consists of the ISBA treasurer and five appointed members with staggered terms.


Member Term Ends
Sylvia Fruehwirth-Schnatter (chair) ISBA past-president
Marian Farah ISBA treasurer
Dan Kowal 2021
Veronika Rockova 2022
Jon Stroud 2023
Cathy W.S. Chen 2024
Mark Steel 2025
Nominating Committee
The ISBA Nominating Committee is chaired by the ISBA past-President and proposes the slate of candidates to stand for election.


Member Term Ends
Raquel Prado (Chair) 2020
Catherine Forbes 2020
Alejandro Jara 2020
Fan Li 2020
Brunero Liseo 2020
Manuel Mendoza 2020
Xinyi Xu 2020
ISBA Fellows Committee
The ISBA Fellows Committee is composed of eight past Fellows and elects new ISBA Fellows on a bi-annual basis.


Member Term
Sonia Petrone 2019 – 2022
Alicia Carriquiry 2019 – 2022
Sudipto Banerjee 2019 – 2022
Antonietta Mira 2019 – 2022
Raquel Prado 2021 – 2024
Sylvia Richardson 2021 – 2024
Steven MacEachern 2021 – 2024
Aad van der Vaart 2021 – 2024
Committee on Named Lectures
The Committee on Named Lectures is comprised of the members of the ISBA Program Council and the Editor in Chief of Bayesian Analysis, along with three appointees.


Member Term
Kerrie Mengersen 2020-2022
Steve MacEachern 2020-2022
Amy Herring 2020-2022
Continuing Education Committee
The Continuing Education Committee coordinates activities designed to promote knowledge and foster skills in Bayesian analysis.

Member Term
Antonietta Mira (Chair) 2019-2021
Gregor Kastner 2020-2022
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel 2021-2023
Professional Conduct Committee
The Professional Conduct Committee is responsible for updating and administering the Code of Conduct. Members of the Committee will serve overlapping five year terms beginning on January 1, with the President and Past President as ex-officio members.


Member Term
Pierre Jacob 2019-2021
Trevor Campbell 2019-2022
Herbie Lee 2019-2023
Judith Rousseau 2020-2024
Catherine Forbes 2021-2025
ISBA Prize Committee
The ISBA Prize Committee coordinates awards committees for the various ISBA prizes.


Member Term Ends (January)
Vanja Dukic 2022
Hedibert Lopes 2022
Helga Wagner 2023
Yasuhiro Omori (co-chair) 2023
Ramsés Mena (co-chair) 2024
Sara Wade 2024
DeGroot Prize Committee
Member Term
Judith Rousseau (chair) 2019
Gael Martin 2019
Peter Mueller 2019
Dan Roy 2019
Anthony Lee 2019
Lindley Prize Committee
Member Term
Michele Guindani (chair) 2019
Mario Peruggia 2019
Adrian Dobra 2019
Lurdes Y.T. Inoue 2019
Mahlet Tadesse 2019
Bruno Sanso 2019
Clara Grazian 2019
Fernando Quintana 2019
Marco Ferreira 2019
Gonzalo Garcia-Donato Layron 2019
Ramses Mena Chavez 2019
Mitchell Prize Committee
Member Term
Alessandra Guglielmi (chair) 2019
Long Nguyen 2019
Yanxun Xu 2019
Francesco Stingo 2019
Dani Gamerman 2019
Savage Award Committee
Member Term
Antonietta Mira (co-chair) 2019
Alan Gelfand (co-chair) 2019
David Nott 2019
Christian Robert 2019
Bruno Sanso 2019
David Blei 2019
Kate Cowles 2019
David Stephens 2019
David Frazier 2019
Galin Jones 2019
Rob Kohn 2019
David Rios 2019
Laura Ventura 2019
Zellner Medal Committee
Member Term
Christian Robert (chair) 2021-2022
Marina Vannucci 2021-2022
Alan Gelfand (chair) 2021-2022