Photo of Kunming

Introduction to Yun’an Conference Hall

Yun’an Conference Hall is located at the intersection of Ma Street, Shi’an highway, Xishan District, Kunming. It is located at the foot of “Sleeping Beauty” in Xishan and by the side of Dianchi, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The hotel has 6 residential courtyards, including the VIP Building, Qinghua Chi, Yun Yuan and Crystal Palace with broad courtyard, unique style; Qinglian Chi with high specification, full function and star decoration; Biyun building has good environmental facilities and high-quality service.


Building Type of Room Star Standard No. of Rooms Price (Per Night)
Vip Building Suite Room 5 Stars 4 1280 RMB
Standard Room 150 480 RMB
King-Size Bedroom 40
Qinglian Chi Standard Room 4 Stars 180 480 RMB
King-Size Bedroom 50
Qinghua Chi Standard Room 4 Stars 100 380 RMB
Yun Yuan Standard Room 4 Stars 45 380 RMB
King-Size Bedroom 20
Crystal Palace Standard Room 4 Stars 80 380 RMB
Biyun Building Standard Room 3 stars 70 220 RMB


All rates cover breakfasts and include taxes and fees. Rooms can be reserved during registration. If you have a roommate to share a standard (double) room, only one of you should reserve the room. Please make sure that rooms are not double booked. Room cancellation requests should be sent through email to the LOC at Please note that room cancellations sent after June 1, 2021 will incur a charge for one night. 

Room Images

Above: Parlor of the suite room in VIP Building

Above: Bedroom of the suite room (93 square meters)in VIP Building, 1280 RMB/One Night. There are 4 suite rooms in VIP Building.

Above: Standard room in VIP Building (41 square meters), 480 RMB/One Night. There are 150 standard rooms in VIP Building.


Above:  King-size bedroom (41 square meters) in VIP Building, 480 RMB/One Night. There are 40 king-size bedrooms in VIP Building.


Above:  Standard room in Qinglian Chi (41 square meters), 480 RMB/One Night. There are 180 standard rooms and 50 King-size bedrooms in Qinglian Chi.


Above: Standard room in Qinghua Chi (33 square meters), 380 RMB/One Night. There are 100 standard rooms in Qinghua Chi.


Above: Standard room in Yun Yuan (33 square meters), 380 RMB/One Night. There are 45 standard rooms and 20 king-size bedrooms in Yun Yuan.


Above:  Standard room in Crystal Palace (33 square meters), 380 RMB/One Night. There are 80 standard rooms in Crystal Palace.


Above:  Standard room in Biyun building (30 square meters), 220 RMB/One Night. There are 70 standard rooms in Biyun building.