Photo of Kunming

About the Location

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is a city with 6.6 million inhabitants in Southwest China, about 250 km to the border with Vietnam and Laos, respectively, and about 400 km to Myanmar. Kunming is called the Spring City in China due to its very temperate weather as a result of its elevation (1892 meters). Yunnan is home to many minority groups in China and has a diverse range of culture and tourist attractions for domestic and international visitors.

The city is served by many more indirect by Thai Airway, Singapore Airlines and Chinese Airlines.There are much more direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to Kunming.The airport in Kunming is quite large as the city is a quite international city due to its being a tourist destination.

The main conference venue will be Yunan Conference Resort, also known as Yunan Huidu Hotel. The short courses on Sunday, June 28 will be at Yunnan University