New Researchers Travel Award 

The purpose of the ISBA New Researchers Travel Award is to support participation in ISBA Meetings by junior researchers.  The ISBA New Researchers Travel Award is open to any junior researcher. A junior researcher is a graduate student in a current degree program or someone who has received a PhD or equivalent in the last 5 years. Recipients of the ISBA New Researchers Travel Award are selected on a competitive basis. Each ISBA sponsored or co-sponsored Meeting will have a specific call and deadlines for application. Recipients will be notified according to a schedule defined in advance for each Meeting.

Eligibility and Application Procedure

If the sponsorship or co-sponsorship of a meeting is approved by the Program Council by the deadlines reported in the Application Guidelines, the funds can be used to establish one or a maximum of two ISBA New Researcher Travel Awards, which will be granted via  a competitive process, e.g. a junior paper competition, best oral presentation, and any other verifiable open competition. The amount of the Travel Award should be considerably higher than the amount granted for the regular travel support. In order to establish the ISBA New Researcher Travel Awards the following additional conditions will  need to be met:

  1. The Awards will have to be properly advertised in the event website and through the ISBA mailing lists. A specific call for the Travel Award should be established.
  2. The selection process for this Award should be established by the Scientific Committee of the Meeting  with the endorsement the ISBA Program Council and the relevant Section of ISBA (if applicable). In particular, the names of the awardees will have to be promptly communicated to the ISBA Program Council for verification and confirmation. The organizers will wait for confirmation before informing the  award recipients.
  3. A brief note of the awardee(s) and motivations for the selection will be added to the ISBA Bulletin after the event.

Winners of the New Researcher Travel Award

2022 ISBA World Meeting
John O’Leary (Harvard University, USA)
Augusto Fasano (European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra and Collegio Carlo Alberto)

2016 ISBA World Meeting
Botond Szabo (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Jeff Miller (Harvard, USA)