The BayesComp section of ISBA is excited to present an online workshop on the topic of “Measuring the quality of MCMC output”. This is part of ISBA BayesComp section’s efforts to organize COVID-safe activities while waiting for our next big in-person meeting.

The event website ( has more information but some key details are below.

There will be three live workshop sessions:
11am-2pm UTC on Wednesday 6th October,
1pm-4pm UTC on Thursday 14th October,
3pm-6pm UTC on Friday 22nd October.

Registration for these live sessions is free thanks to support from the QUT Centre for Data Science but we have limited the number of spots to encourage lively and focused discussions. You can register through this link while spots are available:

Material from the workshop, including posters and video recordings of presentations, will be made freely available on the website to benefit the wider community.

The workshop organizers are Pierre Jacob and Leah South. Please feel free to get in contact using the details on the workshop’s website if you have any questions or suggestions for this event or if you would like to organize a similar event on another “BayesComp” topic in the future.