StanCon 2018 Helsinki August 29-31, 2018, Helsinki, Finland


Full information is available at StanCon 2018 Helsinki website

**Summary of the information**

What: One day of tutorials and two days of talks, open discussions, and statistical modeling in beautiful Helsinki.

When: August 29-31, 2018

Where: Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

** Stan **

Stan ( is a statistical modeling language used by thousands of scientists, engineers, and other researchers for statistical modeling, data analysis, and prediction. It is being applied academically and commercially across fields as diverse as ecology, pharmacometrics, physics, political science, finance and econometrics, professional sports, real estate, publishing, recommender systems, and educational testing.

**Invited speakers**

– Richard McElreath, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
– Maggie Lieu, European Space Astronomy Centre
– Sarah Heaps, Newcastle University
– Daniel Simpson, University of Toronto

**Call for contributed talks**

StanCon’s version of conference proceedings is a collection of contributed talks based on interactive, self-contained notebooks (e.g., knitr, R Markdown, Jupyter, etc.). For example, you might demonstrate a novel modeling technique, or (possibly simplified version of) a novel application, etc. There is no minimum or maximum length and anyone using Stan is welcome to submit a contributed talk.

More details are available on the StanCon submissions web page and examples of accepted submissions from StanCon 2017 are available in our stancon_talks repository on GitHub.

** Contributed posters **

We will accept poster submissions on a rolling basis until July 31st. One page exclusive of references is the desired format but anything that gives us enough information to make a decision is fine. See the conference web page for submission instructions.

** Tutorials **

Pre-conference tutorials are organized 29th August 2018. Planned tutorial sessions are

– Basics of Bayesian inference and Stan, Jonah Gabry
– Hierarchical models, Ben Goodrich
– Model assessment and selection, Aki Vehtari
– Gaussian processes
– Stan C++ development
– Productization of Stan

** Sponsors **

– Generable
– Reaktor
– Amazon
– Jumping Rivers
– Smartly
– Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence
– Aalto University

If you’re interested in sponsoring StanCon 2018 Helsinki, please reach out to Your generous contributions will ensure that our registration costs are kept as low as possible and allow for us to subsidize attendance for students who would otherwise be unable to come.