Section on Objective РBylaws 

  1. The name of the section: “Objective Bayesian” section of ISBA (short ISBA/OB).
  2. The purpose of the section:

    To promote research in objective Bayesian inference by organizing workshops and sessions in other meetings.

  3. The offices, duties and terms of offices:The offices are Chair, Chair-elect, Program chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
    • The Chair-elect, Program chair, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the membership for staggered two year terms. The Chair-elect succeeds the office of Chair for a term of two years. 
    • The elected officers constitute the ISBA/OB Executive Committee, which shall follow the general policies established by the ISBA Board and shall conduct the affairs of the section between meetings of the Board. The ISBA/OB Executive Committee shall report to the Board at each Board meeting. The report can be in writing. 
    • The Section Chair chairs meetings of the Executive Committee and the Section Membership. The duties of the secretary, treasurer and the program chair are as described in item 4.B through D of the ISBA constitution, but restricted to the section.
    • The right to enter into legal contracts for ISBA or ISBA/OB is vested solely in the ISBA Executive Committee.
  4. How elections of section officers are to be conducted:

    Officers are elected every 2 years, concurrently with the annual ISBA elections. The Section Nominating Committee has five members: two Section Executive Committee members, whose offices are up for election that year, and three Section members; these three members are chosen by the Section Executive
    Committee following solicitation of names and consultation with the Section membership. The Chair of the Section Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Section Executive Committee among the three members selected from the Section Membership. The term for all officers starts on January 1 following the election.

  5. How membership in the section is defined:

    Any ISBA member who pays the section membership fee is a member of the section. The section membership fee is set by the OB Executive Committee and approved by the ISBA Board by resolution.

  6. The method of amendment of the bylaws:

    The Section Bylaws may be amended by majority vote in two successive Board meetings, with at least a two-week interval between the meetings.

  7. The Secretary submits yearly reports of section activities to the ISBA Board. The section shall be considered inactive and dissolved by the ISBA Board by resolution if no report is submitted for 2 consecutive years, or no elections take place within 4 years.
  8. Provisions in the ISBA Bylaws and Constitution shall apply for any issues that are not specifically addressed in the Section Bylaws. In case of conflict ISBA Bylaws and Constitution take precedence over the Section Bylaws. Section Bylaws take precedence over resolutions of the ISBA Board.