Section on Industrial Statistics – Bylaws 

1. The name of the section: ISBA Section on Industrial Statistics (ISBA/IS)

2. The purpose of the section:

The primary purpose of the Section is to promote research in Bayesian methods in industrial statistics by organizing conferences, workshops, and sessions in other meetings.

Other purposes of the Section include promoting the use of Bayesian methods among industrial statisticians and practitioners by developing short courses and increasing ISBA membership among industrial statisticians.

3. The offices, duties, and terms of offices:

The offices are those of Chair, Chair-elect, Program chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Chair-elect, Program chair, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected by the membership for staggered two year terms. The Chair-elect succeeds the office of Chair for a term of two years.

The elected officers constitute the ISBA/IS Executive Committee, which shall follow the general policies established by the ISBA Board and shall conduct the affairs of the section between meetings of the Board. The ISBA/IS Executive Committee shall report to the Board at each Board meeting. The report can be in writing.

The Section Chair convenes and chairs meetings of the ISBA/IS Executive Committee and the Section membership. The duties of the Secretary, Treasurer and the Program Chair are as described in item 4.B through D of the ISBA constitution, but restricted to the section.  The Secretary will also act as the webmaster for the Section. The Program Chair additionally works, with the other members of the Executive Committee, to organize conferences, workshops, and short courses.

The right to enter into legal contracts for ISBA or ISBA/IS is vested solely in the ISBA Executive Committee.

4. Additional provisions for elections of section officers:

Each year a five-member Nominating Committee will nominate candidates for section offices. Three members of the Committee will be elected by the Executive Committee based on suggestions from the Section membership. To facilitate this process, for every election year, the Section Chair will request suggestions from the Section members. The Executive Committee will elect three members from the suggested names and appoint one of the three members as Chair of the Nominating Committee. The remaining two positions in the committee will be filled by the two current officers who will be replaced in the upcoming election. The Nominating Committee selects and gets consent to stand for election from, at least two candidates for each office.

The term for all officers starts on January 1 following the election.

5. Section Membership:

Any ISBA member who pays the Section membership fee is a member of the section. The Section membership fee is set by the IS Executive Committee and approved by the ISBA Board by resolution.

6. Annual Reports:

The Secretary will be responsible for submitting all Section reports, including annual reports of Section activities  to the ISBA Board.