The Executive Committee members of ISBA wish to communicate that ISBA takes reports of inappropriate behavior very seriously. We have a great Society and a proud record of including women as members and as leaders. We are in the process of establishing protocols for appropriate behaviour and support mechanisms for our members.

A Task Team for a Safe ISBA has been put in place, with the task of establishing protocols for a safe and inclusive Society.

The team currently comprises the following people:

  • Lead: Kerrie Mengersen
  • Senior Female Representatives: Amy Herring, Marina Vannucci
  • Senior Male Representative: Christian Robert
  • Junior Representatives: j-ISBA nominees
  • Other members as determined by the ISBA Board.

Immediate duties of the Task Team are as follows:

  • Establish a code of behaviour for ISBA members
  • Establish a website for safe posting of comments relating to harrassment among members
  • Promote the message of safe behaviour and inclusivity among members.

A more complete list of duties will be developed by the Task Team and will be presented to the Board for ratification early in 2018.

We are asking our members to work with us to ensure that we have an inclusive society and that our events are safe for all to enjoy.  We have established an account at and encourage anyone to register concerns or comments about this and related issues. Your input is valued.


Kerrie Mengersen – ISBA President
Marina Vannucci – President-elect
Steve MacEachern – Past President
Amy Herring – Executive Secretary
Robert Gramacy – Treasurer