We have several posts to work with me and colleagues at the Manchester Centre for AI Fundamentals:

i) ELIAS – European Lighthouse of AI for Sustainability. The interface between AI and sustainability is both academically fascinating and essential to our future. We’re looking for someone to join our team in the Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub led by Mike Shaver and the Centre for AI Fundamentals to help transform this interface. Got a background in AI and a passion for sustainability? Enthusiastic about saving our planet? We will be using – for the first time – sustainability inputs to direct outcomes. Prior experience in sustainability or life cycle assessment is a plus but not required. (One Research Associate post available)

ii) My UKRI Turing AI World-Leading Fellowship. We develop new principles and methods for Advanced User Modelling, sequential decision making and Automatic Experimental Design, with and without a Human-in-the-Loop. (One Research Associate & one Research Fellow post available)

iii) The UKRI AI hub in Generative Models. Need we say more – we will develop principles and tools for the key technology that will continue to affect our lives. (One Research Associate post available)

iv) PhD student positions in the UKRI AI CDT in Decision Making for Complex Systems. Multiple home (UK only, sorry) student positions available. I have an exciting project on “Human-in-the-loop generative models for experimental design” with Patrick Cai and Mingfei Sun, and “Learning theory and methods for novel types of distributional shifts” with Omar Rivasplata.

Postdocs and research fellows (posts i-iii): DL June 27, 2024: https://www.jobs.manchester.ac.uk/internal/Job/JobDetail?JobId=28777

PhD students from UK (posts iv; home students only): DL June 17, 2024: https://ai-decisions-cdt.github.io/hugo-pages/

Come join the fun at AI-FUN! (https://ai-fun.manchester.ac.uk ; apologies for the web pages – we have been focusing more on research!)