The University of Texas at Austin,
Dpt. of Statistics & Data Science

Post-Doc Position Available Immediately

The Department has one post-doc position open for statistics research in applied and computational Bayesian statistics. The main focus is in developing innovative statistical methods and tools for the analysis of data arising in biomedical research problems. The term can range from one to three years.

Research Interest / Qualifications: Strong theoretical training in statistics/biostatistics; Good knowledge and some experience in Bayesian computation methods is required; strong programming skills; interest in publishing statistical methodology papers. Interest in biostatistics and bioinformatics is a plus.

Skills/Expertise in some of the following areas: Bayesian computation including MCMC, R, C or equivalent, simulations, nonparametric models and methods is a plus, statistical computation and graphics, biomarkers, genomics, proteomics.

Interested applicants should contact by December 1, 2019:

Abhra Sarkar or Peter Mueller
Dpt of Statistics and Data Sc, UT Austin

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