The Organismal and Evolutionary Research Programme at University of Helsinki invites applications for a


in statistics and machine learning for a fixed term of two years. There will be a trial period of four months in the beginning. The post doc position is part of the Research Centre for Ecological Change (REC) and are funded by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation for 1.1.2021-31.12.2022. PIs of the Centre are prof. Anna-Liisa Laine, prof. Otso Ovaskainen, prof. Tomas Roslin, assist. prof. Jarno Vanhatalo and assoc. prof. Marjo Saastamoinen. The starting date is 1.1.2021.

The overreaching aim of the Centre is to generate a coordinated analysis of long-term ecological data to understand impacts of global change. To unravel how populations and interactions between species in nature are responding to ongoing environmental change, the project takes advantage of the unique long-term datasets collected in Finland. The centre also develops state-of-the-art methodology for analysing long-term spatially structured data sets within a joint species distribution modelling framework. For more information on the Centre, please visit

This statistics and machine learning position is aimed at developing statistical and computational methods for analyzing large and heterogeneous ecological data. The methodological work focuses specifically on development of Bayesian hierarchical multivariate spatio-temporal models and predictive model comparison methods within so called joint species distribution modeling (JSDM) framework. JSDMs are multivariate models that can be applied to hierarchical, spatial and temporal study designs, and many kinds of response data. The JSDMs used in this project are built around novel latent factor and Gaussian process models.

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Questions should be directed to prof. Otso Ovaskainen and/or assist. prof. Jarno Vanhatalo:,


Jarno Vanhatalo