A two post-doctoral researcher position in Bayesian statistics for multivariate spatial and temporal data for a fixed term of 2-3 years, starting on 1 October or as agreed in University of Helsinki:


The postdoctoral researchers will work in the Environmental and Ecological Statistics Group, led by Associate professor Jarno Vanhatalo, and contribute to the cross-disciplinary research projects of the group through development of novel multivariate statistical and computational methods for large scale ecological data. Our approach is based on hierarchical Bayesian models and methods that allow us to integrate heterogeneous, complementary, ecological and environmental data. In this project, the work focuses specifically on the so called joint species distribution modeling (JSDM) framework, which are multivariate predictive tools utilizing novel latent factor and Gaussian process models. JSDMs are among the most important statistical tools in community ecology today. One of your tasks will be to develop these models, and related computational inference algorithms, for applications to heterogeneous large scale ecological data. You will participate also in developing novel predictive model comparison and assessment methods to compare and validate the model predictions.

In addition to methodological work, the project involves utilizing existing extensive long-term ecological datasets to assess and test the ideas. In this, you will collaborate with ecologists utilizing the methods and analysis end-products. Prior experience in ecology is not necessary, though, but considered an advantage.

The deadline for submitting the application is 17 September 2023.

More information from jarno.vanhatalo@helsinki.fi and from