Tyler McCormick and colleagues are seeking multiple Postdoctoral research collaborators (12-month service period) to join an interdisciplinary team working on methodology, data collection, and analysis directed by scientific questions in the social and health sciences.

The scope of the positions is open. Potential projects include, but are not limited to:
+ Improving data collection efficiency and accuracy in link-tracing designs (e.g. Respondent driven sampling)

+ Partial graph data collection strategies for networks (e.g. Aggregated Relational Data)

+ Large scale models for anomaly detection on graphs

+ Developing models to represent structure in networks using low dimensional manifolds

+ Modeling demographic and health trends in low-resource settings

+ Developing a decision-making framework for policy decisions based on predictions statistical and machine learning models

Please email Tyler (tyler.h.mccormick@gmail.com) if you’re interested and would like to discuss potential projects. Please see thmccormick.github.io for further information.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Sociology, or related field by the start date of the position.

Applicants can apply directly here: https://apply.interfolio.com/69075.