The Statistical Sciences Department at Sandia National Laboratories seeking motivated Postdoctoral candidates for two exciting projects. As a department, we provide cutting edge statistical expertise to help solve the most challenging national security problems and lead the advancement of statistical methodologies for applications in the national interest.

The first project is focused on developing statistical and interpretable machine learning methods to discover meaningful connections between subsequent climate impacts arising from a significant climate event. In this role, you will work with an interdisciplinary team of climate scientists, statisticians, computer scientists, and more to develop cutting-edge spatio-temporal statistical methods that are both computationally efficient and able to capture the complex dynamics in the climate.

The second focuses on developing unsupervised statistical learning techniques for detecting, predicting and quantifying anomalies in large multivariate real-time data. This will leverage key ideas from state-space dynamic modeling, variational inference methods and Bayesian nonparametrics. This role will involve collaborating with computer scientists and subject matter experts across a range of distinct mission-driven areas.

We encourage interested candidates to apply at and to reach out to Adele Doser ( for any questions or more details. If the application link does not work for you, please apply at by “Viewing all Sandia Openings” and searching for Job ID 679825.