The current challenges that confront the statistical data sciences deal with the need to efficiently
process massive data, build powerful statistical models and develop efficient computational tools.
There are opportunities to develop impactful research that can address substantive inferential and
forecasting problems on a wide array of complex processes including biological, social, physical,
epidemiological, climatological, and environmental.
The Statistics Program ( at KAUST aims to contribute to statistical data
science by developing modern approaches for conducting rigorous inference which will help to
advance research in these disciplines. Through our methods, researchers and policymakers will be
equipped with information along with measures of uncertainty, that is necessary for making sound
decisions in a timely manner.
To address these current global needs, the Statistics Program at KAUST will be hiring
multiple open-rank positions with expertise in the following two modern core areas, although
strong candidates with expertise in any area of Statistical Science are also encouraged to apply.
[….] Applications should be submitted in interfolio: