Nominee Information Display – Dr. Lisa Hampson

Position Title/Affiliation
Director of Statistical Methodology & Consulting
Position Being Sought
Biostat & Pharma Secretary
Candidate Statement
I am a member of the Advanced Methodology & Data Science group at Novartis based in Basel, Switzerland, where my role is to support the development and implementation of innovative statistical methods (... many of them Bayesian!). Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, I was a Lecturer in Statistics at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, and held a UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Career Development Award in Biostatistics. My current research interests include Bayesian approaches for leveraging existing information in clinical trials, Bayesian methods to support quantitative decision making, and expert elicitation. I am honored to be nominated to run as the Secretary of the “Biostatistics and Pharmaceutical Statistics” section of ISBA, and would be proud to serve the Bayesian community in this way.