The safeISBA Task Team had its third meeting on 26/01/18. A summary of the topics discussed and the more relevant updates can be found below.

A proposed code of behavior has been finalized and will be sent early next week to the ISBA Executive and the ISBA Board for evaluation. Before posting it online, legal advice will be also asked. After this review step, the proposed version will be posted online, inviting ISBA members to send comments before making the proposed version final.

Also the drafted protocols to report and handle instances of harassment are close to be finalized. Such protocols will mainly address harassment at ISBA events, with the possibility of both immediate or more long-term actions. The final aspects that have been discussed concern which actors (and committees) will be entitled to put into practice the protocols, and which role and responsibilities such actors (and committees) will have at the different stages characterizing the protocols.

The set of simple guidelines to help the organizers of ISBA events in guaranteeing safe environments, and the updates of the ISBA bylaws, will be finalized coherently with the code of behavior and protocols.

The above materials will be submitted to legal advice, and the safeISBA Task Team will meet soon after to refine the documents in the light of the suggestions received.

We want a safe and inclusive Society, and we will do our best to make sure that our work meets the expectations of our diverse members. We invite all the ISBA members who have additional suggestions, concerns or comments about this and related issues to contact the Task Team ( or one of its members listed at Updates will be timely posted at