A safeISBA Task Team has been set up to address recent reports of misconduct within our community. The team had its first meeting on 18/12/17. Three main topics were discussed by the team.

  1. Development of a code of behaviour for members: The Task Team is currently studying the codes of behaviour of other societies and discussing how they could be adapted to the ISBA community as a whole, and to all its sponsored events. We want a fun ISBA and a safe ISBA.
  2. Development of protocols for dealing with misconduct: The Task Team is working on the definition of protocols for reporting misconduct. These include ways of intervening to stop inappropriate behaviour at events, and carefully addressing reports of past harassment.
  3. Safe ISBA 2018: The Task Team is working on a series of recommendations to ensure that the ISBA 2018 conference will be a safe event, without changing the lively and positive exchange atmosphere that characterizes our meetings. The Task Team discussed the need for a j-ISBA mixer to create groups of trusted young researchers, along with adjustments to poster sessions, roundtables, and excess alcohol consumption, in order to ensure that ISBA is safe and inclusive.

In e-mails following the first meeting, the Task Team has also discussed about potential conflicts of interest and will set up a document to regulate them. Moreover, particular attention will be also paid to the external evaluation of the different documents produced by the Task Team. We want a safe and inclusive Society, and we will do our best to make sure that our work meets the expectations of our diverse members.

We invite all the ISBA members who have additional suggestions, concerns or comments about this and related issues to contact the Task Team (safeisba@bayesian.org) or one of its members listed at https://bayesian.org/safe-isba-task-team-members-appointed/. Updates will be timely posted at https://bayesian.org/membership/safe-isba/.