We are delighted to announce the third and fourth webinars of the series Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB^3): an online seminar series jointly organized by the BayesLab (https://www.bayeslab.unibocconi.eu/) at Bocconi University and j-ISBA (https://j-isba.github.io/), the junior section of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis. JB^3 aims at highlighting the work of outstanding junior researchers in Bayesian Statistics (for more information visit www.bayeslab.unibocconi.eu/webinarseries). The two webinars will be:

Date: 09 July 2020, 2pm UTC (4pm Italy time)
Speaker: Espen Bernton (Columbia University)
Title: Schrödinger bridge samplers
Discussant: Michela Ottobre (Heriot Watt University)

Date: 09 July 2020, 3pm UTC (5pm Italy time)
Speaker: Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco (Harvard University)
Title: Factor regression for dimensionality reduction and data integration techniques with applications to cancer data
Discussant: Peter Mueller (UT Austin)

The zoom links to join the webinars will be made available at www.bayeslab.unibocconi.eu/webinarseries a few hours before the webinars.