The EnviBayes Zoom meeting held monthly by the EnviBayes section will resume this month with a panel discussion on environmental statistics careers.
The panel will feature the following environmental statisticians:

– Doug Nychka, Professor at Colorado School of Mines
– Lyndsay Shand, Research and Development Statistician at Sandia National Laboratory
– Mevin Hooten, Professor at The University of Texas at Austin
– Carolyn Huston, Research Statistician at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) in Australia

The panel will take place on Friday February 18 at 4PM US EST, 1PM US PST/Friday February 18 at 10PM US Central European time/Saturday February 19 at 8AM Australia Eastern Standard Time.
To register, please sign up at the following link

Additionally, if you have any questions for the panelists that you would like to submit, please send us your question(s) using this form (