Childcare at the ISBA 2024 World Meeting

Thanks to the generosity of the University of Michigan and the ISBA foundation, we are able to offer subsidized childcare for attendees of the ISBA 2024 World Meeting.

For children aged 1-6, we offer group childcare at Comparetti Nursery School. This is available at the subsidized rate of $50 for the week. Please book here to reserve your spot. Please book before June 10 to guarantee your slot. See below for full details.

For children aged 7+, ISBA will reimburse up to $100/attendee for attendance at one of the summer camps listed below. To take advantage of this, please:

  1. Book your child’s slot at one of the camps listed below, by contacting the provider directly.
  2. Email confirmation of enrollment to by June 1
  3. After the event, email receipts to for reimbursement.

For children under 1 year of age, we do not have pre-arranged group childcare, but will work with you to arrange individual childcare solutions. Please email as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide reimbursement for nannies or family members traveling with you to the conference.


Additional Details

Children aged 1-6: ISBA CHILD CARE SERVICE – ‘Play, experiment and discover project’ –  1-6 July 2024

On the occasion of the ISBA World Meeting 2024 the Organizing Secretariat, in collaboration with ‘BarchettaBlu* study and service center’ proposes the implementation of the ‘Play, experiment and discover project’ : a special summer play center in Venice to welcome children  from 1 to 6 years old at the ‘Comparetti Nursery School’ from Monday 1st to Saturday 6th July 2024 from 8:00 to 18:00.

The psycho-pedagogical team offers a whole series of games, courses, experiences, ateliers and workshops to spend the week together and also discover the adventure of being next to many children from all over the world in a fantastic city like Venice.

For all proposals, the use of a playful and interactive method is envisaged with diversified activities depending on the age group designed specifically for the fun and well being of children in a dimension of sharing, creativity and amazement and wonder.


The proposals dedicated to nursery age children include the organization of activities, ateliers, sense-perceptive experimentation laboratories with the use of stimulating tactile materials, noises and music, psychomotor and rhythmic games, creative construction


The organization of recreational activities, creative, psychomotor, musical and reading workshops and ateliers is envisaged. Small groups followed by an expert operator experiment with outdoor routes in the large courtyard and indoors in the various rooms made available. In addition to the structured play options, there are stations for symbolic play, with constructions and puzzles, with board games, etc.

  •     Location: Comparetti Nursery School in Cannaregio, 1178 – 30121, Venice 
  •     Days and times: From Monday 1st to Saturday 6th July 2024 from 8:00 to 18:00
  •     Organization providing the childcare: BarchettaBlu study and service center
  •     Snacks and meals information will be available soon
  •     Clothing and personal effects: Clothing should be as comfortable as possible. AVOID dungarees, belts, braces, shirts.  Dummy pins are not permitted. Children inside the school will only enter in slippers or non-slip socks. 
    • 8.00am-9.30am: Reception, active corners and play islands.
    • 9.30am-10.30am: Entertainment and structured activities such as ateliers and laboratories.
    • 10.30am-11.30am: Snack and game.
    • 11.30am-1.00pm: Entertainment and structured activities such as workshops.
    • 12.30am- 1.00pm: First exit.
    • 1.00pm-2.00 pm: Lunch.
    • 2.00pm- 3.00pm: Active corners and play islands.
    • 3.00pm- 4.00pm: Entertainment and structured activities such as ateliers and laboratories.
    • 4.00pm- 4.30pm: Second exit.
    • 4.30-5.30pm: Entertainment and structured activities such as ateliers and laboratories.
    • 5.30 pm- 6.00pm: Third outing.

*BarchettaBlu is a center founded in 1999 on the initiative of a group of experts in the educational field who create and organize socialization and child care initiatives through a multidisciplinary team. Over the years the Center has grown to represent a point of reference for citizens and civic institutions, not only for the care services for the little ones but also for the numerous educational, recreational and cultural activities dedicated to people of all ages. Today BarchettaBlu is also a research and service center with expertise in the field of cultural planning and training. With its staff it creates and organizes services and initiatives for children, families, childcare workers, teachers and educators, collaborating with schools of all levels, private and public bodies, libraries and museums. The team is made up of educators, pedagogists, art historians, experts in teaching, children’s literature, active musical pedagogy, art for children, psychomotor play.

Children aged 7+: Externally organized summer camps

ISBA’s Organizing Secretariat selected a number of organizations active in the city of Venice that organize educational/recreational activities for children in the 7+ age group. Contact with the organizers is the responsibility of the parents, who are invited to view the proposals for the week 1-7 July directly on the organizers’ websites. ISBA will reimburse attendance up to $100/attendee.

 Voga Camp

Venetian lagoon boat excursions and activities dedicated to children from 6 to 17 years old to promote and to renew the knowledge of an invaluable treasure made of traditions, people, lifestyles, ges-tures and places, often forgotten or little attended that not everyone knows.

All activities are performed under the capable supervision of professional instructors and exceptional guides, such as some leading athletes from the Venetian rowing world, great champions of the past and experts in sport and lagoon.

Presence of English speaking operators (French on demand, German on demand)

Piscina Sant’Alvise Summer Camps

Multidisciplinary sports centers for young people aged between 6 and 14 during the summer period. They are designed to stimulate the psychomotor development of children and young people through sports and leisure activities, using different training methods adapted to different age groups. 

The weekly programme includes exercise and sports workshops, games and pool activities.

Presence of English language operators is not a guarantee

Just Kids Venice

Summer camps in English discovering Venice… old and forgotten outdoor games, strolls through venetian “calli”, riddles and rhymes, craft club and visits to venetian museums.

Activities in English