As JSM 2020 is just wrapping up, it is already time to start organizing for JSM 2021!
First item to handle: organizing invited sessions. The call for invited session proposals for JSM 2021 is open and proposals will be accepted through September 8, 2020 at 11:59PM US Eastern time zone. Proposals can be submitted online at
Invited sessions are all 110 minutes in length, have a chair and can have 2-6 participants, including the chair. Different formats are possible: the two most popular and successful are 2–3 speakers with a discussant or a panel discussion with 3–5 panelists.
The theme for JSM 2021 is “Statistics, Data and the Stories They Tell”, but not all sessions need to adhere to this theme.
Although ISBA does not have any allocated invited sessions at JSM, ISBA can participate in a competition for invited sessions.
To submit a proposal for an invited session at JSM 2021 with ISBA as primary sponsor, please visit and:
– provide a title and a session description
– provide names, affiliation and email of all speakers/panelists and of the session chair
– determine the session type (paper or panel); and
– select ISBA in the pull-down menu provided at

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me – Veronica Berrocal (, ISBA Program Chair for JSM 2021.