ISBA Candidates for Election

ISBA is lead by a five-member Executive Committee consisting of a President, Past-President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary and an additional twelve-members (whose members serve staggered three-year terms) , who comprise the ISBA BOARD of Directors. As provided for in ISBA Bylaw E, ISBA holds elections each year to select a new President, replace the (usually four) outgoing members of the Board, and sometimes select a new Treasurer or Executive Secretary. Candidates are selected by a Nominating Committee during May-August. ISBA by-law E.6 permits additional nominations for any office to be made by petition of at least 30 ISBA members, sent to the Executive Secretary before September 15. Once the slate is constructed, candidates' names and election statements are posted (on this page) early in September; and the election takes place on-line during the period from October 15 through November 15. Winners are announced (also on this page) by December 1, and take office on January 1. Only current ISBA members are eligible to run for office or to vote.

2015  Candidates for ISBA and ISBA Section Elections

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