Zellner Medal

The Zellner Medal honors  Arnold Zellner,  one of the founders of ISBA and ISBA's first president.  The purpose of the Zellner Medal is to recognize ISBA members who have rendered exceptional and distinguished service to ISBA over an extended period of time, and whose contributions have had an impact on the society beyond the time of his or her incumbency.

The Zellner Medal is restricted to current ISBA members.  Candidates should have been members of ISBA for the last three consecutive years, at least, and served ISBA in a range of leadership roles over an extended period of time.

The Zellner Medal will be given every even year to, at most, two recipients, selected by a Committee consisting of three former ISBA Presidents, not serving ISBA as current officers.   Nominations may be made by any ISBA member, and should include letters of endorsement from five ISBA members, other than the nominee.  Individuals may provide  letters of endorsement  for at most two nominations in a given year.  Nominations may be submitted  through the ISBA website using the online form

The Zellner Medal will be presented every two years at the ISBA World Meeting.  The deadline to nominate a candidate for the Zellner Medal is November 15 in the year prior to the world meeting.  Extensions to the deadline can be granted at the discretion of the selection committee.

The members of the 2016 selection committee for the Zellner Medal are

  • Michael Jordan
  • Fabrizio Ruggeri
  • Mike West

 Deadline for submissions : January 15th, 2016

Past Recipients:


  • Fabrizio Ruggeri (CNR-IMATI Milan, Italy) for "His outstanding service to ISBA and ISBA local chapters around the world and his fundamental contributions in theory, methodology and novel applications of Bayesian philosophy."
  • Mike West (Duke University) for "A scientific life spent always at the top and a vision of the future which became reality, from the work to establish ISBA as a society to its construction on sound bases."