Online Submissions

Welcome to the online article submission system for Bayesian Analysis.

Submit a new manuscript for review

 Thank you for considering Bayesian Analysis for your paper. To submit your manuscript, please follow these steps:

  • Follow the Bayesian Analysis style guidelines.
  • Prepare your manuscript as an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) document. To simplify production later, consider using LaTeX with the Bayesian Analysis style file.
  • Submit your manuscript through the Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS) submission page.
  • If you are submitting a paper for the Lindley Prize or another special issue, please mention this in the comments section when you submit your manuscript.
  • If you are submitting a paper for consideration as a discussion paper please select "article with discussion" when submitting your manuscript. Your submission will first go through the regular review process and, if accepted, the Editor in charge and the Editor-in-Chief will make a decision as to whether the manuscript can make a good discussion paper.

Procedures for handling manuscripts

Submitted papers are screened by the Editor-in-Chief to identify those that are clearly not suitable for Bayesian Analysis. The criteria at this stage are interest to potential readers, novelty and originality.

If a paper passes the screening stage, it is assigned to an Editor who will handle the review process.

Based on reviews from referees and the Associate Editor, the Editor will make one of the following recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief:

  • Accept.  Some corrections or very minor revisions might be required prior to sending the final manuscript to the publisher, but it will not need to be seen again by the Editor.
  • Minor revision.  Revisions that entail no substantial work. The revised version may need to be checked by the Editor or AE before final acceptance can be recommended.
  • Major revision.  The points which need to be addressed are clearly indicated and it is likely that the author will be able to successfully implement all the required issues. The revised version will be typically sent back to the referees.
  • Reject with resubmission.  The paper contains interesting material but the contribution is either incomplete or contains major deficiencies. There is a clearly indicated path what would be required for resubmission. However, at this stage, it is unclear whether the authors will be successful in achieving the required results. If resubmitted, the paper might be treated as a new submission.
  • Reject.  The paper is rejected and, even if revised, will not normally be reconsidered.

The Editor-in-Chief will make the final decision and communicate that to the authors. If a paper is accepted it then goes forward to the production stage, which includes copy editing to correct linguistic errors.



Resubmit a manuscript for review

To resubmit or track an existing manuscript already submitted to Bayesian Analysis through EJMS, return to the EJMS submission page.

Submit an accepted manuscript for online publication

Once your manuscript has been accepted by the Editor in Chief and you have received a transmittal number from EJMS, follow these steps to prepare it for online publication:

You should expect to receive the galley proofs of your paper about 1 to 2 weeks after the production editor has received the final version of your manuscript.

When this stage is complete, your final manuscript will appear on Project Euclid at and the Bayesian Analysis list of forthcoming papers. Your manuscript will be assigned page numbers and a volume/issue once the complete issue is assembled and uploaded on Project Euclid.