2 Postdoctoral researchers in interactive AI and machine learning

The positions belong to the Aalto career system and the selected persons will be appointed for a two-year fixed term appointment with an option for renewal.

1. Probabilistic machine learning with human in the loop (Prof. Samuel Kaski)

One of the core questions in machine learning at the moment is how to interact with humans.

We turn this question into a probabilistic modelling problem, and model both the user and the task to drive the interaction. The solutions need combinations of probabilistic modelling, reinforcement learning and approximate Bayesian computation. We are looking for a postdoc who already masters some of these and offer an opportunity to learn the rest and work with us on this exciting bleeding-edge problem. Two recent sample papers:

[1] Daee et al., Knowledge elicitation via sequential probabilistic inference for high-dimensional prediction. Machine Learning, 106: 1599–1620 (arXiv: 1612.03328)

[2] Kangasrääsiö & Kaski, Inverse Reinforcement Learning from Summary Data, arXiv:1703.09700

2. Modeling and machine learning in HCI (Prof. Antti Oulasvirta)

The position offers an exciting opportunity to learn about and work on applications of machine learning methods and computational models of cognition, perception, and behavior in interactive systems. For relevant previous papers of the team, example papers, see [1], [2], and [3].

[1] IEEE TVCG 2017: http://userinterfaces.aalto.fi/scatterplot_optimization/resources/paper/MicallefEtAl2017towards.pdf

[2] CHI 2017: https://dl.acm.org/ft_gateway.cfm?id=3025576&type=pdf

[3] IEEE Computer 2017: http://users.comnet.aalto.fi/oulasvir/pubs/UIdesign_with_combinatorial_optimization_IEEEComputer_2017_Oulasvirta.pdf


Should have a PhD in computer science, statistics, cognitive science, or other area relevant to the themes and publication record in top conferences or journals in machine learning, AI, statistics, cognitive science, or HCI. Good command of English is a necessary prerequisite.

Compensation, working hours and place of work

The salary for the position is between 3 498 and 3 673 EUR per month depending on experience and qualifications. In addition to the salary, the contract includes occupational health benefits, and Finland has a comprehensive social security system. The annual total workload of teaching staff at Aalto University is 1 600 hours. The position is located at the Aalto University Otaniemi campus.

Application material and procedure

Please send your application through the electronic recruitment system ‘Saima’ (see link at the bottom of the page) no later than Oct 31, 2017 Finnish time. Include your CV, list of publications, a brief research statement, transcript of the doctoral studies, and names and contact information of two senior academics willing to give more information.

Short-listed candidates may be invited for an interview on the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University in Helsinki or for an interview conducted via Skype. While all applicants who have submitted an application by the deadline will be appropriately considered, Aalto University reserves the right to consider also other candidates for the announced position.

Further information

Professor Samuel Kaski and Professor Antti Oulasvirta, e-mail “firstname.lastname@aalto.fi” (research related information)
HR Coordinator, Mr. Stefan Ehrstedt, e-mail “firstname.lastname@aalto.fi” (application process, practical arrangements)
Application material will not be returned.

Espoo, 13 Oct 2017

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