EFaB@ Bayes 250 Workshop

This was the first meeting of the ISBA section on Economics, Finance and Business (EFaB). EFaB promotes research and education on Bayesian methods in economics, finance and business, and academic-industry interactions and outreach across these areas. This inaugural meeting included tutorials by leading names in these areas, talks in scientific sessions covering a wide range of topical research and applications, a special session of talks by new researchers, poster presentations, and more. Student and new researcher awards, including the EFaB@Bayes250 BEST, IBM and OUP Awards, were announced at the Bayes 250 Day banquet.  
Full details of the program of the EFaB Workshop and Bayes 250 Day,  all abstracts of talks and posters, the full lists of participants and sponsors, and details of junior and student award winners, are recorded at the EFaB@Bayes 250 Workshop web page.