Statistical Optimality of Decision Rules for Humans and Rational Machines Interacting Together
Institution: Univ. Bretagne Sud, Lab-STICC UMR CNRS 6285
Advisors: François Septier & Alexandru Olteanu

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Candidate Profile:
We are looking for a motivated and talented student holding a Master degree with:
• background in statistics, machine learning, signal processing or applied mathematics
• experience in programming, preferably in Matlab and/or Python.

A fully funded PhD position (three-year contract) is available from September/October 2019 at the Université Bretagne Sud located at Campus Tohannic in Vannes and in the DECIDE team of the CNRS laboratory Lab-STICC.
During the thesis, the student will have the opportunity to collaborate with internationally renowned researchers from institutions such as TUM Create (Singapore), Institute of Statistical Mathematics-Tokyo (Japan), etc.
The student will be supervised by:
• François Septier:
• Alexandru Olteanu:
The candidate is requested to send us a CV and a motivation letter to apply for this position.