Update Prize Submissions Website

Thu February 08, 2018

Prepare to accept new prizes (Savage every year, DeGroot and Mitchell Prize odd years, Lindley Prize even years)

  1. Determine award amounts with Treasurer (email treasurer@bayesian.org) before mentioning amounts on the website!  Endowment interest should cover prizes, although prize amounts have been subsidized when interest rates are low.  In general, prize amounts should not decrease from previous years and other sources should be found to supplement where possible.  
  2. Review the web forms for the current prizes linked to each Prize Page and update if needed
  3. When the prize committee meets to vote on submissions, update the 'date boxes' on

    to reflect this year's submissions.

  4. Email webmaster@bayesian.org and secretary@bayesian.org with the text so that website News Items and email announcements may be prepared
  5. Please check to make sure that the website is updated and submission process is ready before announcing the prizes via email lists.  For ISBA members, the Executive Secretary will send email to members using CiviCRM.  Contact the SBSS Publication Officer for distribution to SBSS members. 
  6. March 1 announce prizes