Formation of the Mitchell Prize Committee

Thu June 01, 2017

ISBA Prize Committee elects chair of the Mitchell Prize with the goal of having the complete Mitchell Prize committee formed by early July.  

  • Prize Committee chair requests that each Prize Committee member goes through the list of nominations  and sends names of potential candidates for Mitchell Committee Chair to the Prize Committee chair within 2-3 days.  The prize forum may be used for this; any discussion may be deleted if the committee does not wish to have this be seen by future committees.   The Mitchell Chair should have no conflict of interest with nominees (see below).  It is useful to ask someone who has served on the committee in a previous year to serve as chair, while keeping in mind that individuals should not be over-worked by being asked to serve on too many committees! 
  •  The Prize Committee chair collects the nominations and submits the list to the Prize Committee members for voting (method used: Ranks 1:N with N the number of candidates). The  ISBA Secretary may set up a (confidential) poll accessible from the Prize forum.  Voting should be limited to 2-3 days.
  • Prize Committee Chair contacts the Mitchell Prize chair and asks if he/she will serve as chair and explains duties.  Repeat with remaining names if top ranked candidate declines.  Give 2-3 days time for a response or follow up with a phone call.
  • Email the name of the Mitchell Prize Chair to the ISBA Secretary so that he/she may be added to the Mitchell Prize forum and sent a Welcome Message to the Forum and access to the BoP and submissions.
  • Once the Mitchell Prize Chair is elected, the procedure is repeated for the selection of the Mitchell Committee members, but with discussion in the Mitchell Prize Forum. This time the elected Mitchell Committee Chair can nominate/vote too.  The Mitchell Prize Chair will take care of contacting the nominees to serve in the Mitchell Committee.  Potential members may be found from past winners or from the ISBA membership list.
  • Once all members have been selected the Mitchell Prize Chair will contact the ISBA Secretary the the list of names so that they may be given access to the submissions, added to the Mitchel Forum, and sent a welcome email.  Please cc the so that the committee may be listed on the website.  (in progress a block of names will appear on the forum page based on  having teh Mitchell Committee "role".


    • The purpose of avoiding the reality or the appearance of conflicts of interest is to ensure confidence in the fairness of the awarding of prizes.
    1. Conflicts of interest include, but are not limited to:
      1. Authorship or Co-authorship of a submission;
      2. A close personal relationship;
      3. An adviser/advisee relationship;
      4. Recent co-authorship;
      5. Colleagues at the same institution.

    More info can be found on the ISBA website under the bylaws. NOTE: In 2008 the PrizeCom interpreted the conflict of interest rule as to avoid names of close collaborators and advisors of authors and co-authors. Evaluators and people from nominee's institutions were also excluded from the list of potential Mitchell Committee members.