Request Checks/Plaques for ISBA Prizes

Tue May 01, 2018

ISBA provides the funds for the checks for all Prizes/Awards.

  • The Prize Committee chair should obtain the names of all winners and forward them to the ISBA treasurer ( and request that the ISBA treasurer cut checks for the winners in the amount specified by the Prize/Award. 
  • The Prize Committee chair should make arrangments for the checks to be presented to the wiinners (at the JSM Business Meetings (in July/August odd years) and the ISBA World Meeting ( in June/July even years) and instruct the treasurer to send the checks to the contact person (likely the SBSS or ISBA President for odd/even years) who will present the awards at the meeting.  IF the committee chair of the prize will be at the meeting you may ask them to present the award and make a few remarks. 
  • Some prizes require that a plaque be given out as well (see Prize Bylaws). TarHeel Trophy made the plaques for 2012 please contact Karen Herndon for details.  If you use TarHeel Trophy make sure that someone from Duke can bring the plaques to the meeting.  
  • SBSS has provided travel support for Savage finalists to attend JSM in odd years; this is distint from the Savage Award check.