Pilar Iglesias Travel Award

The ISBA Executive Committee is launching a new fundraising initiative for the Pilar Iglesias Fund, which allows young researchers from developing countries to participate in ISBA World meetings. We  are asking members to please contribute so that we may raise $10,000  to increase the endowment of the Fund to support more young researchers to attend ISBA 2012 in Kyoto  and   future World ISBA meetings, in the same spirit which animated Pilar Iglesias who worked hard, as Chair of the ISBA 2004 Organizing Committee, to have as many young researchers and students as possible at the meeting in Chile. For her friends and the people who knew her, Pilar was a model to be admired for her passion and outstanding qualities, as a researcher and as an educator.
ISBA would like to guarantee the Fund for years to come, so we invite all of you to please contribute via our secure online contribution form.  You may also use the form to pledge an amount and submit your donation by check.
If you work for a company that makes "Matching Gifts" please be sure to ask if they will match your contribution. You may make a contribution on behalf of an organization using the link above.  

Mon September 19, 2011 - Tue May 01, 2012