ISBA Prize Committee Formation

Thu June 01, 2017
  • Award committees for Savage (every year), Mitchell (every year) and Degroot (odd years) should be formed by August 31 each year.  (earlier if possible)  Suggest starting with Savage because of time constraints in organising the Savage Session for meetings.  Lindley follows a different set of procedures
  • Each award committee will have access to a private forum on the ISBA website for discussion of submissions. Please notify the Executive secretary ( and administrative assistant ( with the Committee name, member name, and email so that they may be added to the forum email list.  If they are not a current member of ISBA, they will need to create an account at
  • Email the committees with the committee members for the current year so that they may be added to the website
  • Selection of the individual prize committee chairs/members are described separately.