Winners of ISBA Prizes and Awards

The ISBA Prize Committee is pleased to announce that

Jay Kadane receives the DeGroot PrizeThe 2011 DeGroot Prize was awarded to Jay Kadane for his book "Principles of Uncertainty," for its clear, correct and original exploration of the consequences - for inference, prediction and decision-making - of  completely adopting a subjective Bayesian viewpoint.  (For more info)


Winners of the Lindley PrizeThe 2010 Lindley Prize was awarded to  Sara Wade, Silvia Mongelluzzo and Sonia Petrone for their paper "An enriched conjugate prior for Bayesian nonparametric inference" published in Bayesian Analysis, 6, 359-500, 2011The paper addresses an important limitation of the popular Dirichlet process (DP) prior for nonparametric Bayesian inference. Wade and co-authors develop a clever extension of the DP prior that builds on the concept of enriched conjugate priors. They show that a simple variation of the Polya urn makes inference under the enriched DP
almost as simple as for the original DP. The reported research is important, timely and notably original. The discussion provides a substantial and mathematically concise methodological development, develops an elegant approach for posterior inference, and pays attention to good data analysis. This balance of different aspects of statistical inference makes the paper a great example of some of the strengths of Bayesian inference. 

Marc Suchard receives the Mithcell PrizeThe 2011 Mitchell Prize was awarded to Philippe Lemey, Andrew Rambaut, Alexei J. Drummond, and Marc A. Suchard for their paper "Bayesian Phylogeography Finds Its Roots" published in September 2009 Issue of PLoS Computational Biology  for its innovative Bayesian approach to inference, visualization, and hypothesis testing of phylogenetic history.  More specifically, for the development of a probabilistic phylogeographic model that integrates temporal, demographic, and spatial processes into a unified (statistical) framework, which enables simultaneous inference of evolutionary history and patterns of spatial spread.  The utility of the approach is illustrated on two classic cases of spatial diffusion of RNA viruses: H5N1 influenza A virus in birds and rabies viruses in dogs. 

The 2011 Savage Awards were presented to  


  • Juan Carlos Martinez-Ovando (Banco de Mexico, Mexico): On stationary modelling for time-series data (Theory and Methods)
  • Kaisey Mandel (Imperial College London, UK): Improving cosmological distances to illuminate dark energy: hierarchical Bayesian models for type Ia supernovae in the optical and near-infrared (Applied Methodology)

Juan Carlos Martinez-Ovando Kaisey Mandel





Honourable mention:

  • Gun Ho Jang (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Invariant procedures in model checking for prior-data conflict and Bayesian analysis (Theory and Methods)
  • Fabian Scheipl (Ludwig Maximilian Universität München, Germany): Spike-and-Slab priors for function selection in structured additive regression models  (Applied Methodology)

Gun Ho Jang Fabian Scheipl


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