ISBA Webinar on R-INLA

ISBA announces  a new webinar  on Bayesian computing with INLA (Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation) and spatial modelling using SPDEs presented by Prof. Havard Rue and Dr. Daniel Simpson. Prof Rue is the principal developer of INLA and Dr. Simpson has worked extensively on INLA development.

The purpose of the course is to discuss the concept of latent Gaussian models, how and why INLA works, how to use the INLA software for doing Bayesian inference and how to use special INLA features that boost the applicability of the software. 

The course covers material on latent Gaussian models and Gaussian Markov Random fields, what they are and why they are so useful, approximate Bayesian inference using INLA (basic ideas), and the R-INLA package - overview of the package,  various examples and comparison with MCMC, and advanced features that really make a difference! The target audience is anyone with past or concurrent basic training in Bayesian hierarchical modeling and MCMC (say, via the BUGS language) who wants to learn about R-INLA, a fast, R-based, non-MCMC alternative to BUGS.  

The webinar will be held on April 4th  8:30 am - 12:30 pm EDT (with a short break) using WebEx.    Please verify that your computer will  meet the WebEx system requirements before registering by testing your browser at the Cisco Test Meeting page. 

Registration is free for current ISBA Members.  Please login with your ISBA account to receive the automatic member discount.  If you wish to join or renew your membership complete the Membership Signup, login and then return to the Webinar registration page.

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Fri March 01, 2013 - Thu April 04, 2013