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As of June 2016, ISBA is no longer accepting submissions to our public email forums (, and  

ISBA members who would like to distribute job ads to the ISBA membership should send them to the Executive Secretary, Amy Herring.  She will send them out as a digest twice a month.

Want to keep up-to-date with News, Conference Announcements and Open Positions of interest to the Bayesian community? Frustrated when you delete the conference announcement and then cannot find that critical deadline for abstract submissions?

To help address these issues and provide the public with news and events of interest to the Bayesian community, we have created the "Bayes News Forums" on the ISBA website at This includes three separate public forums for News, Jobs, and Conferences, all of which provide a history of past announcements.  Each forum has its own email address

News and Announcements  
Conferences and Workshops  

for submission of topics.   

All announcements going to the ISBA forums will  be distributed to this growing  list of  2500+  subscribers who are  interested in Bayesian statistics! (these inlcude the former Bayes-news list at CMU and Jose Bernardo's Valencia list which have been merged with the ISBA list). Anyone  may submit announcements by email to the forum addresses, but all posts will require moderator approval before their posts will appear (this is to prevent spammers from posting, posts not meant for the entire list, etc).    Members may post by logging on to create a new topic or reply within the forum. 

Forum Posting Guidelines:

Anyone  may post new,  jobs and conference announcements in the respective forums by sending an email to the forum email address.  A moderator will be notified of your post.  If the post is approved it will be published in the forum and then distributed to all of the forum email subscribers.   We ask that you observe the following guidelines

  • Please use an Informative Subject line; this will be the title of your post in the forum  ("Conference Announcment" will not catch much attention if someone is searching the forum for past announcements)
  • Please include your full name, email and contact information after the body of the post in case the Webmaster or others need to contact you about the post.   
  • Please send plain text; all urls and email address in the body of the message will be converted to links automatically.  Other html is currently stripped from the message before sending/saving the post.
  • Replies that are of general interest to the entire community, may be approved by the moderator for distribution to the entire list. Please do not reply to the forum address, to say Congratulations, etc but reply to the original poster.   This is a forum with email distribution, not a listserv, so the default is that replies are sent to the forum address.
  • Replies should include enough of the previous post so that individuals following the conversation by email may do so. 
  • Do not include attachments.
  • Avoid "--"  in posts. This is used to separate the body of email messages from signatures, which are converted to links in the forum.
  • Avoid "<" and html formatting.  The "<" is the start of an html tag, which is stripped by the program that distributes posts by email.

More details are here.  Please check out the forum FAQ online before posting or if you have questions.  Anyone who abuses the policies may have posting privileges removed.  

To Subscribe/UnSubscribe by email:

You may subscribe/unsubscribe to individual forums at any time.  You do not need to be an ISBA member, but do need to have an user account on the ISBA site   (all individuals on the former Valencia and old Bayes-news lists were automatically subscribed when these lists were transfered to ISBA in 2010;  to opt-out, see step 3)

1) First create an account, if you do not already have one. (if you are a member or were subscribed to the Bayes-news or Valencia lists you will already have an account).  If you are unsure, please contact us at rather than create a new one.  If you have received any email from ISBA in the past you do have an existing account.  We can reset the username or login information for you.

2)  Login to the ISBA website with your username and password. If you cannot remember either, please click on the request username/new password link to have a login link sent to you.   You may then login to the system and choose your own password, choose a different username or update your email under the "My Account" link at the top navigation menu. 

3) To subscribe/unsubscribe to a particular forum, go to "My Account", and select the Forum/E-mail integration tab at the top to bring up the following view:screen-shoot

Check/uncheck the boxes to select the forums of interest. Click subscribe to update your preferences.  You may register additional email addresses for posting (primarily of use for the ISBA Business forums).  Note the account above may receive email, but must have a moderator approve posts before they are distributed to the list/forum.

4) Please update your contact information by going to "My Account" and then clicking on "Edit Name/Address". In some cases we have only an email address; adding your name helps us to eliminate duplicate accounts (and allows us to send personalized greetings to you).

If you are receiving more than one copy of announcements, please send an email to with the email addresses, your name, and the preferred username and we will merge them into one account.

Privacy ISBA does not make its database available to third parties and respects all users' privacy.