ISBA Archives

During its brief history, recounted by Arnold Zellner at ISBA history,

ISBA has been quite active in organizing meetings. At least one meeting a year has been held since 1993 in a variety of locales around the world. See Past Meetings for a list of these.

A record of business conducted at past ISBA meetings can be found under Minutes of meetings. We are missing records for pre-1998 so if you have copies please send them to us

Under Past Officers and Appointments  we provide a list of those who have served ISBA in some capacity in the past.

Old news, as the name suggests, is an archive of some old news items that previously appeared on the main News page.

Photos contains some pictures of well-known Bayesians associated with ISBA and images from meetings.  Please contact the webmaster if you wish to contribute any photos of past meetings and events for the archive.