Mitchell Prize Procedures

This section provides the best practices for the Mitchell Prize Committee.  Committee members should be familar with the ISBA Prize Bylaws; these pages provide working details for selection of the prize that are not provided in the bylaws.  Any


  • ISBA Prize Committee Selects Chair of Mitchell Prize Committee
  • ISBA Prize Committee and Mitchell Prize Committee Chair Select  Mitchell Prize Committee
  • Chair or Forum Moderator welcomes committee members to the Mitchell Prize Committee Forum.  Please confirm that all members can access the forum by asking them to reply to Welcome email (review Forum FAQs to add emails if members have multiple email accounts that they may use)
  • Commitee reviews Nominations for any possiible Conflict of Interest as specified in Bylaws that had not been previoulsy  noted 
  • Review of Procedures
  • Scoring First Round
  • Voting Second Round
  • Provide Final Report to Prize Committee Chair (due December 15)
  • ISBA Prize Committee chair notifies winner and arranges for Plaque and check to be presented at the award ceremony