ISBA Book of Procedures

Each year ISBA Officers and members of several Standing Committees have required duties at specific dates. As an aid in planning, we have tried to gather many of those recurring duties here as a collection of procedures for each of the ISBA committees. The pages in this Book of Procedures consist of Calendar events for duties that have a required or suggested deadline or additional pages that descrie duties or how to use various features of the ISBA website to implement tasks. A primary goal of the BoP and the related ISBA Business forums is to maintain institutional memory for future committees and officers. This Book of Procedures (BoP) provides an informal and advisory guideline to "best practices" of ISBA committees and is meant to document current practice for implementing duties given in the bylaws. All ISBA Bylaws take precedence over these procedures; any procedure listed here that is in conflict with the bylaws should be modified to conform with the bylaws. Any procedure that a committee feels should be institutionalized as part of the Bylaws may be proposed as a new bylaw by notifying the executive secretary of the proposed change.

  • Each committee/officer should read sections of the Book of Procedures that pertain to their position. Before asking for help, please see if the topic is already documented. If it is not documented, it's likely that we need to add the content to update the BoP.
  • This document is not a substitute for the Constitution and Bylaws. While we will try to link sections to the appropriate bylaws, committees should be familiar with the parts of the bylaws that pertain to their duties.
  • Pages in the book of procedures may be calendar entries (Events), forum topics, or book pages. Content should be added to the book and pages updated regularly as practices change. Each committee should review their sections yearly and suggest updates where needed.
  • Content in the BoP is organized hierarchically by committee/position under the committee with primary responsibility. As some topics may involve non-overlapping committees, "tags" are used to show the other committees/officers that need to also be involved for the topic

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